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You have nothing to lose with our 15 days free trial. Join all of our happy clients safe in the knowledge your information is SAFE, SECURE and only accessible by you.

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An accounting software which helps you to manage your income and expenses.

In short, it is a simple solution for private hire driver or taxi driver accountancy. With Taxita You make frequent, but small and simple entries, making life easier when you come to the end of the tax year. You simply keep a record of your income and expenses, additional notes, all in a universal database that can be updated by you anytime and anywhere - as long as you can get to the internet! Then at the end of the tax year, either you can do your return or Taxita submits your return for you!

Work from anywhere

Work from anywhere

Post your income and expenses from anywhere on your phone.

Automatic data back-ups

Automatic data back-ups

Data is backed up & synced on any connected device.

Automatic software updates

Automatic software updates

Free updates & new features as they become available.

Self Assessment Returns

Self Assessment Returns

Perfect for your self assessment, or pass onto your accountant or go PRO with us and we will act as your accountants.

Simple Accountancy App

Simple Accountancy App

Taxita has been designed to help the Taxi or Private Hire Driver retain important additional information which may need to be called upon in the event of HMRC enquiries with an optional screen for this information to be recorded.

Mobile Friendly App

Mobile Friendly App

Multi-device Free Taxita app - compatible with iOS & Android devices.

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  • Rolling Tax

    Furthermore there is a ‘rolling tax’ screen that gives an indication of how much tax/class 4 NIC you will have to pay to allow you to budget accordingly.

    You simply record your income and expenditure on easy to follow screens for the week(s) in question. It is possible to record your information for any week of the tax year in question even if you buy the APP midway through the year.

    The information is saved on our server and can be amended by the user at anytime of log in. The underlying records such as expense receipts should always be kept by the Taxi Driver.


What I like is the fact I can now see exactly how much tax needs to be set aside which in the past is something that always bothered me and my wife.


The rolling profit and loss lets me see at a glance how my business is doing at anytime I choose. I used to wait months after the end of the year for my accountant to come up with this figure.




CFO, Perfect Inc.
Its great to know my records are being kept on a server to back up my paper records because I lost mine once and it caused all sorts of problems.


You have nothing to lose with our 15 day free trial. Join all of our happy clients safe in the knowledge your information is SAFE, SECURE and only accessible by you.

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